pck catering
dairy menu I

butlered hors d’oeuvres
all hors d’oeuvres are one bite size, no side sauces or skewers {except “lollipops” have skewers}
mini vegetable lasagna
mini grilled cheese
grape leaf cigarettes
mini tuna burgers and frites in customized frite cones
artichoke lollipops with hollandaise sauce
smoked salmon fish-shaped canapé (or other thematic shape)
spicy tofu fortune cookies with custom saying
soft salt pretzels and beer in mini mugs

first course
butternut squash ravioli with basil sauce and microgreens

main course
crispy sautéed halibut with chervil sauce
roasted fennel and potato tart
brussel sprout leaves, oyster mushrooms, caramelized cippoline onions

individual tres leches cake with fresh berries
dairy menu I
dairy menu II
meat menu I
meat menu II